Camping in New Mexico

When I was a kid, it always snowed on Halloween. I ended up with my coat over top my costume, whereupon showing up at people’s doors, they inevitably said, “Oh, another snowman.”

The trick to a beautiful Halloween is: A) Be an adult who no longer cares about costumes. B) Move to New Mexico and spend the weekend camping. It was a wonderful weekend at Santa Rosa State Park.

This is what camping in New Mexico looks like.
This cholla cactus sports yellow fruit.
A rock formation by the lake.
The path disappeared out from under me, and I nearly stepped on this pretty thing. Ouch!
These spikes were much easier to spot.
I love sandstone. This path is a particularly beautiful example of it.
While I was out on a walk, the others went fishing. I found them while trying to photograph a bird.
David bought a large magnifying sheet for this single purpose. I am happy to say it worked.
David's inferno, started from some dead grass and a magnifier.
At the end of the day we watched the sun set. A perfect Halloween.