The Hyakuen Shop: My Favourite Store

A flour sifter, a small tray, and 120 envelopes: 315 yen (Just under $4).

The other day David came in wearing a bow tie. He bought it “on a lark” at the hyakuen shop. The hyakuen shop is a magnificent wonderland full of things we never knew we needed until seeing them on the shelves. It’s a dangerous as going to a garage sale with a pocket full of small bills. “Oooh, just one more thing …”

By now you probably know that the Hyakuen shop is Japan’s equivalent to the dollar store. Only better.

The recycle shop is great for things like rice cookers and shelving units, but when you just need a ball of twine or chopsticks or silverware or your choice from a million types of pens or super glue, then the hyakuen shop is the place to go.

The quality isn’t always very good — the soap is watery and the tissues can be scratchy – but it often is. My silicone baking pans all came from there, and are lasting well. The flour sifter is as good as any other I have used. And the bow-tie — well — it’s just cool.

We still need a new garbage can (or seven — this is Japan, after all) and I need a dish to organise little things in the kitchen.

And the list grows.

jenturner76 says:

o my David wants to know if David can tie the bow tie?