Still “Mission Bound”

When I created this blog I was preparing to move to Japan. I was ready to begin the journey. I was, in effect, “bound” to do mission in Japan. In the midst of the past year, I looked at the title, and thought, “Oh, how short-sighted of me.” Being in Japan, I am no longer about to leave for my trip. I am no longer mission-bound, but mission present!

However, I have been reflecting on the meaning of, and the subsequent action in response to, being bound to do mission. Being mission-bound, means being in a perpetual state of readiness, like a Boy Scout motto for God. “Be prepared …” Be prepared for what? For the mission of God! At any moment I could be telling people how much God loves them. I could be praying for someone who is hurting. I could be welcoming a stranger. At any moment.

And in any place.

This state of readiness will not end when I land back in the United States. We are all mission-bound. As Christians, we believe Jesus told us to teach, preach, baptize, and spread the news of Jesus. We are loved and forgiven. We are comforted and cared for. We are given the grace of God, and we share we have. We are all bound to do mission, because mission means being sent. And we are sent to tell of God’s love.

Like the Blues Brothers, we are on a mission from God.

It’s just that some of us are more than 100 miles from Chicago!