If it Looks Like a Lime, and it Tastes Like a Lime…

We are coming on toward the end of sudachi season, which are small Japanese limes. Being grown primarily in Tokushima, the sudachi has become the symbol of the prefecture. This limited growing region also deems them a delicacy throughout the rest of Japan. The tourist shops sell sudachi flavoured treats, from candy to alcohol.

Sudachi gummy candy

Yet, here, we’ve got sudachi trees on every corner. Our landlady owns a sudachi tree and told us to help ourselves — as many as we want.

Because, you see, sudachi trees are huge and plentiful. David has picked several dozen sudachi off the tree, and there are still several dozen left — and probably even more than that!

The traditional thing to do with sudachi, of course, is to squeeze it on fish like a lemon. That deliciously takes care of one sudachi. However, what are we supposed to do with the hundreds still on the tree?

David and I are drinking limeade until we’re sick of it. David makes sudachi iced tea. We made chili-lime prawns. I made a “Key” Lime Pie. Don’t tell the people in Florida that I called it that; I’m sure someone will cry foul … so, I made a Sudachi Lime Pie : )

Results on the pie? Well, it probably tastes like a lime pie should taste: sweet and tart and with a crumbly, cookie crust. Turns out, though, I do not like lime pie.

Limeade? A million times, yes!

Chili lime prawns? More, please!

Lime pie? No, thank you. I’ll pass on that.

Fruits from the end of summer and the beginning of autumn overlap.

There are still sudachi on the tree, but next to it, the persimmons are now ripe.

Good-bye sudachi, and hello persimmons!