Leavin’ on a jet plane

The official word is here! I leave for Tokyo on September 8. I spend six months there learning Japanese and whatever else they can stuff into my head in such a short time. After that I will be assigned to an ESL teaching job … somewhere. That I won’t know for awhile.

However, today I got a couple emails about what to bring/not to bring, etc. The apartment supplied for me by the Japan church (JELC) will be furnished better than I had in Dbq! And I know that there will be four of us total going to Tokyo for this program. Since the program is called J-3, we’re collectively called the “J-3ers.” Original.

More as it comes …

irREVerance says:

Furnished better than in Dbq??? So, now we see the real incentive to go to Japan: a new couch!

Why J-3? Is it because there will be four of you? If so, that really doesn’t make sense.

fishtail says:

Hey there! So this Japan-bound lass on the way to the Land of the Green Tea (o-cha) has chosen green as the color of her blog, how appropriate! BTW, you gotten used to eating raw fish yet?