Earthquake? What Earthquake?

According to my housemate and the Sunday evening news, an earthquake shook Tokyo on Sunday afternoon. Now, before we go any farther, one has to understand that I am terrified of the idea of an earthquake. I am sure it comes as a result of growing up in Iowa. Not much experience with earthquakes there.

Anyway, while one of my housmates and I were out shopping on Sunday afternoon, we discussed earthquake preparedness. She’s from Seattle; she has experience. We discussed having an emergency kit and a plan for what to do if a big earthquake hits. She told me what not do do (i.e. run down the stairs), and the best places to be in our house. While she spent all day reassuring me that an earthquake is not near as horrifying as it sounds, we left our other housemate home by herself. So, as we arrived at our doorstep, she met us at the door, frantic.


We thought she was kidding. We thought she could read our minds. We thought she heard us talking on our way to the house and wanted to give us a hard time.

It turns out, according to my housemate and the Sunday evening news, that an earthquake registering 5.1 on the Richter scale rattled houses and stores in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon. As my friend and I planned how to keep me calm in the midst of a terrifying ordeal, one happened and I missed the whole thing. At 4:05 pm I was inside a department store called Tokyu Hands near the busiest train station in the world. No 5.1 buried deep in the earth was going to make us notice. It didn’t reach that far into town, anyway. I talked to other J-3 missionaries who also missed it because of where they were in Tokyo at the time. Missed it completely.

I am terrified of earthquakes …

Jenni says:

I never thought about earthquakes in Japan, just Godzilla. Glad to know that all is well over there, except for the earthquakes. Have you been watching much anime? I have a blog here, its kind of acting up right now, my entries aren’t really posting, so we’ll see if it works soon. Take care, miss ya! ~Jenni

Jenni says:

Maybe its not so much ’incriminating‘, but stuff family can live without knowing. 😛

Ane and imoto, cool, I like it! Love ya! ~Imoto

irREVerance says:

Okay, please explain to me where one is supposed to run if not down stairs in case of an earth quake.

See how beneficial it is to be lost in your own little world. It’s much more peaceful there.