Seafood for Breakfast?

Lobster for breakfast? It seems decadent, even unreasonable, to be eating lobster for breakfast, yet there we sat with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and lobster surrounded by sweet tomatoes plucked that morning from the garden. Come to think of it, the lobster had been pulled out of the ocean only the night before, also.

At Eastbank House Bed and Breakfast, our host was Malcolm and the chef was Stuart. Stuart works on fishing boats at night, and cooked for us in the morning. Monday we woke to freshly caught haddock, sautéed in butter, served with a poached egg. That was good, and a local dish. However, last night, Stuart was out catching lobsters. Most of them get shipped off to fancy places in London, but any that look as if they won’t survive the trip to London get to stay right here in Orkney. It was delicious. The salmon, also, came from Orkney. Thinly sliced, and lightly smoked — it melted in the mouth, just the way salmon should.

Although I have had many delicious breakfasts, and many strange combinations of food early in the morning, I have never had a breakfast so delightful. I probably never will again.