How to Make Blonde Brownies in a Toaster Oven

I am considering changing the title of the blog into “Adventures in Toaster Oven Cooking.”

Blonde Brownies

0. Buy a tiny silicone cake pan.

1. Halve the recipe.

2. Melt butter and brown sugar (well, beige sugar) into a clump.

3. Add egg. Watch in horror as the realisation occurs that the pan isn’t cool enough. See egg cook as it hits the bottom of the pan.

4. Figure that butter is the most expensive thing in the ingredients, and since it’s unrecoverable at this point anyway, gamely go on.

5. Add flour. Lose count. Hope it’s not too much.

6. Add baking soda and baking powder.

7. Glob the mess into a small silicone pan.

8. Cover with tin foil so the top doesn’t burn.

9. Set temp to, oh, let’s say 160° Celsius. Wonder what that is in Fahrenheit.

10. Turn the “on” knob as far as it will go, which is 15 minutes. Come back every 15 minutes and turn again.

11. Take off tin foil when it seems the rest of the cake is far enough along.

12. Come back (again) in 15 minutes and realise it isn’t finished.

13. Burn fingers while reattaching tin foil to hot pan.

14. After another 15 minutes, give up, take the brownies out, and cut while warm, as recipe demands.

15. Turn brownies out onto cutting board, looking at the burnt bottom and uncooked, gooey middle.

16. Eat half the pan out of spite.

17. Go to bed. Try again tomorrow while dunking the rocky edges into your coffee to soften them up enough to not break your teeth as you gnaw on them.

(As a side bonus, you just learned how to make dwarf bread).

Anonymous says:

“There’s always dwarf bread!”

MissionBound says:

Hee, hee! Yes, I did think of that. Yummy, dwarf bread, it lasts forever!