The Trip Begins

The trip began on Monday with a thunderstorm. We loaded up the back of the pick-up truck, “And the rain, rain, rain came down down down in rushing, rising rivulets”. So, we unloaded the truck and let our things dry off. Thankfully, our electronics were fine, but my old-fashioned notebook needed some time in the sunshine. When Megan got off work, we headed out for eastern Montana and Grandma Green’s house for a couple days.

On Wednesday, we packed up the truck again, on the road to the train in Williston. It was only two hours late, which is normal for arrival in Williston. It is common for the train to gain time back in North Dakota overnight.

When the station attendant announced the train was only 8-10 minutes away, everyone piled outside, watching the lightning storm. As long as the rain holds off for ten minutes … but there it came. The storm blew in on winds that knocked us off our feet, sending luggage flying and rain pelting us through coats and hats. The train didn’t arrive. The rain slowed down. The train didn’t arrive. The rain tapered off. The train didn’t arrive. We stood, dripping on the platform, waiting. After half an hour. people started wandering back inside. Finally, forty minutes later, we could see the train come around the curve.

Forty-five minutes after the train was 8-10 minutes away, the doors opened. Laying out to dry in the overhead luggage rack went the pillows and blanket David and I planned to use during the night. I managed a cup of hot mint tea, while we sat in the observation deck watching the lightning. By then, the storm was miles away, but the lightning put on a beautiful show. From inside and far away!

This time, though our computers and camera were still dry, all our books were wet. And my poor, old-fashioned notebook is almost past repair. One more storm and I think I’ll have to throw it away!

Currently, we are somewhere in Minnesota, and about five hours behind schedule, which will not be a problem if the suburban trains are still running when we get in. We may be in for more adventures.

As long as it doesn’t rain.