Route 66 Photos: Day 3

Every night we fall into bed at 8:00, which is great for sleeping, but not so much for getting blog posts done. In lieu of writing therefore, here is a sampling of photos from the day.

The day began with the World's Biggest Rocking Chair.
The whole day looked a lot like this.
My guidebook makes note of many historic bridges, so I photographed them. I am not entirely sure why they are important, but they are old. This one is from 1935.
It was a day of bridges. A through-truss bridge from 1926
The guide calls this place the "recently-restored, photogenic remains of little Spencer."
We stopped to visit the childhood home of Edwin Hubble, where a quarter-scale model of the Hubble telescpe adorns the city square.
Renovated Boots Court Motel, our home on Day 3, and hopefully will be again someday. It was a wonderful place.
Our lovely room at Boots Court.
The rooms are either original or replicated to be as close to original as possible. Therefore, a radio in every room, but no television.