Summer Vacation

Summer vacation began last Friday, and one week later I am looking forward to going back to work! Last week was wonderful … sleeping in, a friend from Kumamoto came to visit, then I relaxed, and read books, and watched television. I had one more Japanese class before that was finished for the summer. Then some friends and I went to lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant to celebrate summer vacation. But by Friday, I was bored and ready to go back to work! What was I to do for another three whole weeks??

Luckily, that day a jigsaw puzzle showed up in my mailbox. A friend in America thought I might need a reminder of how much time I don’t have! Little did she realize it would arrive at the perfect moment! I love puzzles, and haven’t done one for a long time. Working on the puzzle occupied my weekend. Though it isn’t finished, I am now rationing my time spent at the puzzle.

Today I decided to buy a museum pass. Normally, it wouldn’t be worth the money, since the pass is only good for two months. I don’t go to museums that often, because they so expensive in Tokyo. But, with the pass, most of the museums offer free entry for permanent exhibits (or, discount for the special exhibits). If I go to 2 museums, permanent exhibits only, then the pass has paid for itself. I have a list of museums I want to visit and three weeks with nothing to do … perfect!

Today’s museum was the Tokyo National Museum. A little history, a little art, some armor and swords, and even a little collection they called “The Zoo in the National Museum,” which was not a zoo, but an exhibit of animal statues made from various materials. That was interesting. It was a very fun way to spend my morning! Tomorrow I have Korean class in the morning, but on Thursday, I think I will try the Edo-Tokyo Museum, which is a history museum about the time period when Tokyo was called Edo (c.a.1600-1868).

Maybe I am not ready to go back to work yet after all!

T says:

Sounds like you are exploring and enjoying your time off. Wish I could visit now and then we could explore together. Happy Vacation!

fishtail says:

Wow, didn’t know Tokyo was called Edo once. Have a good summer, Heather!

Mom says:

You have earned some relaxation time. Enjoy all the sights that you are able. We are all visiting Japan through you, so keep reporting your adventures and we can all take part.

Lots of Love Mom

Skdo says:

Just found your blog from a link on Tara’s site. Not sure if you’ll remember me but I thought I’d let you know I just returned from visiting the Ks in Blair. Spice and Tigger are doing great. I’ve been up there nearly every week this summer for my son’s vision therapy. Tigger actually slept with me last night — looks like I’m accepted! Hope you catch this post – I don’t have your email…this seemed a good way to let you know the cats are doing GREAT! Peace.

MissionBound says:

Yes, I remember you (couldn’t figure it out from “skdo” but, after I went to your site I got it)

Thanks for the update on the cats. I miss those furballs, but I am glad they have a good home now. I think they wouldn’t have enjoyed the plane ride to Japan! Blessings on your ministry!