Route 66 Photos: Day 6, Texas

On Friday night we stayed at the Big Texan, a famous tourist trap. We definitely paid for the name and all of the “Old West” flourishes in the room.

I felt like saying, “Hold it right there, pardner,” everytime I walked through these. I am just glad it is only to the sink area, and that the toilet had a proper door.
Doesn’t everyone want their towels to be held up by horseshoes?
The windows can even be barred in case of a shoot-out.
Shamrock, Texas is a little piece of Ireland in the middle of Texas. And also a home for beautiful Art Deco buildings. And a supercharger station for your Tesla. Shamrock has a little bit everything.
The same might be said for little Groom, Texas, where you can see both a leaning water tower and a white cross 100 feet tall.
On the side of Vega’s Historical Museum is a beautifully painted mural.
Shortly after leaving Vega we crossed the New Mexico border. Next stop: Tucumcari, New Mexico, where I took so many photographs that it will get its own page. Stay tuned!