Books and More Books!

Several weeks ago, my friend “tagged” me to answer a series of questions about books. Being an avid reader, I took her up on her challenge. So, please excuse the deviation from Japan and enjoy a small peek into my favorite pastime. Thank you, Prairie Girl for the questions!

1. One book that changed your life

How to narrow down the list to one? What was the first book I read as a child? (Mom, do you happen to know?) Probably that is the book I’d have to choose – the book that got me started down this path of reading …

2. One book you’ve read more than once

Cyrano de Bergerac (Edmond Rostand). I read it the first time for a report my senior year of high school. Since then I have read the book ragged. My copy is marked and dog-eared and the cover has long since been able to close properly.

3. One book you’d want on a desert island

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo). I have been meaning to read it for many years. It’s a little daunting to look at, even to the most voracious of readers … it has been on my “To read when I have the gumption” list since high school. And if I am going to be stuck on a desert island, I want something that’s going to last me awhile!

4. One book that made you laugh

Anything by Bill Bryson. He writes travel narratives. My favorite book of his, Travels in Small Town America is is about a road-trip he took on a search for the quintessential Small Town, USA. I like it because he is from Des Moines, so he begins and ends his search in Iowa.

5. One book that made you cry

It’s funny, but while I like sad movies, I try to avoid sad books. With that in mind, I don’t remember one that has made me cry recently. Probably The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) made me cry, but I don’t remember. Come to think of it, Cyrano de Bergerac (see number two) probably made me cry the first time I read it, too.

6. One book you are currently reading

I am almost finished with a really bad sci-fi book written in the ’60s. The plot is unbelievable, the characters not entirely likable, and the technology is too outlandish, even for my over-zealous imagination. Yet, I have this crazy idea that I have to finish every book I start, so I am still reading.

7. One book you have been meaning to read

Ugh – I have a list as long as the Tokyo Tower is tall. But, at the moment, my short list is only around ten. Top of the short list: Dragonfly in Amber (Diana Gabaldon), a novel about a time-traveling woman from the 1940s and her Scottish husband from the mid-1700s. Also near the top: Tales from Earthsea (Ursala Le Guinn). The story has recently been made into an animated movie in Japan. I’d like to read the book, then see the movie.

Mom says:

I don’t remember the title of the first book you read but you taught yourself to read at the age of 4. You told me that you could read and I thought you had memorized a book, but you read me a book just checked out from the library that no one had had a chance to read to you.

You then started reading everything in sight and haven’t stopped yet.

Keep up the good work.

Love Mom

Kari says:

Heather! Love the blog! Some friends of mine are considering J-3 in the next year or so. I will point them toward your blog. Thanks for the great communication!