Route 66 Photos: Day 2

Every night we fall into bed at 8:00, which is great for sleeping, but not so much for getting blog posts done. In lieu of writing therefore, here is a sampling of photos from the day.

Stopping to see Lincoln's Tomb on the way out of town. Why is rubbing his nose a thing?
Looks like we aren't the only ones leaving from Springfield.
Day 2 was much better than Day 1 once we got past St. Louis.
Another Giant - my favourite of the giants, of course.
A section of very old 66 in Auburn, illinois. Awesome for a short stretch, but glad it isn't brick the whole way to Santa Fe.
This is where we ate lunch. A beautiful place.
The guide book labled this section of road, "A bit rough."
Route 66 in Missouri is a very scenic drive.
Cuba, Missouri is home to the Wagon Wheel Inn, a cute place to stay.