Ending on a High Note

On the last day of summer vacation, I said, “Hey let’s do something fun!” We ruled out a trip the States on account of my having to be at work the next day, but the local mountain was begging to be climbed. Tokushima is built around Mt. Bizan, and we had not yet been up it.

View of Mt. Bizan from our street.
“Into the woods and out of the woods and home before dark.”
Halfway up.
It was about here that remembered I forgot the “911” number for Japan. We were very careful not to get stung, bit, or otherwise injured on our walk (When we came down, I learned it. We’ll be safe now).
The path up the mountain is lined with graves of Tokushima’s Meiji-Era rulers (Meiji is late 19th century).
The beauty of Shikoku surrounding us.
Looking out over the harbour toward Wakayama Prefecture on the main island of Honshu.
Tokushima city. Can you see our house? No? Here, I’ll help …
There it is!
A Japanese symbol of summer: wind chimes! I don’t know why there were dozens of them lining the stairway in the rope way ticket building, but they are pretty, and I like listening to them.
Coming down we took the rope way. It was much easier than the climb up.

After indigo dyeing, glassblowing, river walks, a trip to the beach, the Awa O-Dori festival, and a hike up a mountain, David is very, very glad I went back to work to he can rest.