Korean, anyone?

As if I did not already have enough on my plate trying to learn Japanese, I came across a church offering Korean lessons.

‘Why not?” I thought. ‘Why not give it a try?”

I have a friend who is Korean, who told me that Korean and Japanese are very similar, that is why it was so easy for him to learn Japanese.

‘Why not?” I thought. ‘What can it hurt?”

My ego, for one thing. My brain, for another.

I obviously came in to the class after it originally started, for there I was being introduced as a new class member, and would you all please introduce yourselves … in Korean!

Ummm, yeah.

The class is, of course, taught in Japanese (maybe I’ll learn my Japanese this way!). After an hour of counting in Korean, I can now say ‘one” and ‘ten,” but nothing in between. We also also practiced days of the week, but forget it — I can barely remember those in Japanese. The good news: the class is only once a month.

What was I thinking?

fishtail says:

Keep blogging and keep writing, HS! Glad you’re having fun!