Sumo Obsession

My favorite Sumo rikishi (wrestler) isn’t doing well this tournament. Kotooshu is now 5-2, which still means he’s doing well enough, but compared with his last tournament, he’s not doing so well. There is a week left in the tournament, so I’ll still keep up hope, and watch tv religiously every night.

Who would have thought that the sports bug would bite me? A few of you already know the devotion with which I watch Sumo already, and you hope it is a phase I will soon outgrow. However, my Sumo obsession has helped me learn Japanese: rikishi was on our vocabulary list. Also, Sumo has allowed me to develop my interests independent of my housemates and other American friends here. I am also learning Japanese tradition, religious rites and culture in my study of Sumo. In addition, if I can save the money, attending the tournament in January is a goal of mine. It is a good goal to have as it will encourage both independence and Japanese-langauge use (as I am suspecting none of my American friends will be interested in attending with me, because I am planning to sit as close to the ring as my misisonary salary will let me!

In the meantime, I will follow the Kyushu Tournament, and cheer on Kotooshu. And study Japanese. Because in January, I’m going to need it!

T says:

You crack me up! Who would have ever thought that you would get into sumo wrestling in Japan. Miss you lots.

Take care!

Jenni says:

Sumo wrestling?! Lol, yeah, you don’t seem like the sumo fan type. 😛


Jenni says:

Happy Turkey Day!


Uncle Kirk says:

Never in my life would I’d of thought you would be interested in this. It just goes to show you that you can really never know a person. Enjoy your interest, maybe one day you can explain it to me

Uncle Kirk