Adventures in Scotland, the Second Draft

For the past year, I have been over the moon excited planning to spend a year in Scotland studying the ancient religious history of Scotland. Many months have been spent applying for scholarships to fund this grand venture. David and I have been packing and clearing out as if for an overseas move. We have told everyone we meet, casually, “Oh, we’re moving to Scotland.“

Unfortunately, the recession has hit the scholarship donors hard, and many of the ones I applied for had no funding. As of the middle of July, my total scholarship accumulation was £s1500. That barely buys books, let alone a whole twelve months of classes, accommodation, food, shampoo, and research trips to Iona and Orkney where the ancient history is still visible.

With a deep sigh of sadness, but the sense to acknowledge that my path has wandered the wrong direction, I let go of that dream. However, having already purchased plane tickets, it seemed a shame to waste them. We could try to get a refund for the tickets, but as we bought the cheap tickets, we wouldn’t get much, if any, money back. We decided the more economical thing to do would be, of course, go to Scotland anyway.

Hence, here I am again with my blog. I will try to keep up on our trip here, the long-neglected site about sumo and sushi. Now, though, the stories will be about Celts and castles.

Adventures in Mission, still adventures — only where the place has changed.

Outline of our schedule

September 12: Depart from Chicago

Arrive in Aberdeenshire, spending a couple days in the countryside.

Then to the Orkney islands, located just north of the mainland, visiting Neolithic villages and the world’s Northenmost whisky distillery.

Inverness: More history, more distilleries (hmm … I sense a pattern!)

Then to Edinburgh for a month for the many (free admission!) gardens, the historic architecture, the castle, and stories of Victorian era hauntings, body snatchers, and Jeckel and Hyde.

After Edinburgh, the following two weeks are as yet unplanned, though rumours of several days spent in London before the plane leaves from Heathrow would not be unfounded.

November 15: Arrive in Chicago